Our Story

Everything comes down to technique.
Paul and Phil roasting Weka Coffee

Paul and Phil have been hand roasting coffee in the Waikato since 2008. Everything comes down to technique.

From growing the coffee beans, to roasting them properly, to the barista making your coffee; it all impacts how your perfect brew arrives.  Weka was born out of a desire to provide a beautiful, consistent coffee every time, so Paul and Phil studied what was letting other roasters down.

They discovered that the problem with conventional coffee roasters is that all the beans are roasted together, rubbing against each other, which causes cool spots on them. As a result the quality is affected and it’s then impossible to achieve premium quality and roast consistency every time. When you find a good quality coffee you want it to be the same every time, no surprises.

So to get that even, consistent quality roast, they started by sourcing and creating a premium 5-bean blend from the world’s best coffee producers. Then what they did next is where the magic truly lies.

Paul and Phil invented the Suspended Hot Air Roaster (SHAR for short), which suspends the beans in constant hot air, protecting them from each other during the roasting process, to ensure they are evenly roasted and are consistent in quality every time.

For added quality control and consistency, only Phil and Paul are allowed near SHAR. It’s not that she’s temperamental; they’re just protective of her. You see, she was born, errr, lovingly handmade, in their workshop – all 40m2 of her. She might be big but our fans say she produces the best coffee they’ve ever tasted… time and again.